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Save over 90% of your time and resources locating ideal solar sites, executing solar projects, and monitoring your new solar assets.

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Solar Lifecycle Management

PowerMarket combines satellite data, weather data, and machine learning to enable organisations to discover, execute, and monitor solar projects.

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What Our Customers Say

“PowerMarket software provided us with a unique opportunity to scope out viable solar PV installations over a very broad area but also with sufficient detail on each potential site so that we could pin point the most promising development opportunities. This enabled Public Power Solutions to deliver feasibility on hundreds of rooftops within a short period of time, saving our time and resource, with fantastic support from the PowerMarket team.”

Richard Sansom
Head of Business Development, Public Sector

“As an engineer, the software tools I would typically use for solar are suitable for large scale, ground mounted solar projects. But these software tools are not equipped for several small, distributed solar, and can end up taking hundreds or even thousands of hours of work. Using PowerMarket, I saved a considerable amount of work and resources with their simple and intuitive interface, and I really appreciate their customer service.”

Pietro Ligorio
Head of Asset Management and Technical Services