Why Are Your Solar Sites Underperforming?

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Why Are Your Solar Sites

Over the past 6 months, we have spoken with several customers and learnt that solar PV Monitoring is a growing concern among asset managers. Customers have lost as much as 30% of their return on investment from solar because of a lack of centralised portfolio monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Below are some of the consistent pain points that we heard from asset managers in different organisations:

Limited Analysis and Insights

Monitoring solutions often don’t provide comprehensive data on the state of the installation, hindering the ability to identify and address issues affecting performance promptly.

The analytics and data points generated are incomplete and hard to decipher, leading to delayed times between the issue arising, being detected, and finally being resolved.

Manual and Time-Consuming Processes 

Traditional solar PV monitoring involves several manual processes, including manual meter readings, data collection, analysis, and reporting. 

These repetitive tasks require human resources, resulting in higher costs associated with solar PV monitoring. Furthermore, this burdens asset managers and results in inefficiencies and delayed responses.

System Integration and Scalability

Solar PV installations involve various components. Integrating these successfully can be challenging, leading to data gaps and compatibility issues. This becomes more prominent as the number of solar installations increases as different hardware makes it difficult to use a centralised monitoring system.

This results in a cumbersome and time-consuming approach, limiting the ability to detect trends across the portfolio and find actionable solutions.

So what can we do?

As a whole, current PV monitoring systems are expensive, and result in an inefficient allocation of resources, delayed response times, and ultimately a reduced return on investment. 

Innovative technologies such as PowerMarket exist and can help overcome these challenges effectively. Data-driven advanced monitoring software can overcome compatibility issues and integrate directly with all relevant components of a solar installation.

They provide accurate, real-time information on system performance, automate and streamline processes, and ultimately help asset managers unlock the full potential of their solar PV installations. 

If some of these pain points sound familiar, speak to us and we can analyse how such technologies can impact your business.  

Stay tuned for Solar! PowerMarket brings you key updates and emerging insights every month to optimise your energy and make solar simple.

PowerMarket is a B2B software-as-a-service, solar management platform. It uses satellite imagery and advanced AI to automate and digitalise:

  • Solar planning and feasibility analysis 
  • Solar execution and project management 
  • Solar monitoring and portfolio management 

Saving you over 90% of your time and resources, so you can focus on what you do best!

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