UK Start-up Decarbonising Buildings and Tackling Fuel Poverty Recognised as FT 2023 Energy-Tech Champion.

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Press release from: PowerMarket

UK Start-up Decarbonising Real-Estate Sector Recognised as FT 2023 Energy-Tech Champion. London, 26 December 2023 – PowerMarket, a leading B2B SaaS venture, has been acclaimed as a 2023 Tech Champion in the energy-tech sector by the Financial Times. This recognition underscores PowerMarket’s steadfast commitment to its mission of helping companies globally decarbonise their buildings, cut energy costs, and achieve energy independence.

More from the Financial Times Article:

Buildings contribute 42% of annual global CO2 emissions, with 27% attributed to building operations. From 2020 to 2060, an astounding 2.6 trillion sq. ft of new floor area will be added globally, equivalent to constructing an entire New York City monthly for 40 years. Remarkably, three-quarters of the infrastructure that will exist in 2050 is yet to be built.

PowerMarket actively makes a global impact with its innovative AI-enabled SaaS platform, transforming nearly 250,000 buildings into clean energy assets. Boasting a total solar potential of 200MW, this represents a significant stride towards sustainability, capable of powering 32,800 homes in the UK. In its mission to address the global challenge of building operations, PowerMarket is dedicated to scaling this transformative effort globally, leveraging its cutting-edge technology for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

The core mission of PowerMarket is to empower businesses to decarbonise their buildings, contributing to a sustainable and greener future. Through our innovative B2B SaaS platform, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and gain energy independence.

In addition to our mission, PowerMarket makes a tangible impact on social issues, actively collaborating with local authorities and social housing groups to combat fuel poverty by reducing energy costs for tenants. This dual focus on environmental sustainability and social responsibility sets PowerMarket apart as a leader in the energy-tech sector.

Brian Hatton, one of the Partners at QVentures fund and an investor, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s mission, stating, “PowerMarket’s unwavering commitment to transforming the energy landscape aligns seamlessly with our vision for a more sustainable future. Their innovative approach to decarbonising buildings and reducing energy costs has the potential to not only drive positive environmental change but also create significant financial benefits for businesses. These compelling reasons are why we invested in PowerMarket. The company is well-positioned to make a lasting impact, both in terms of sustainability and the bottom line for businesses.”
PowerMarket has garnered support from renowned investors such as Techstars, QVentures, and Oxford University Innovation, further validating the company’s potential and impact.

“We are grateful for the recognition as a Tech Champion by the Financial Times, and we remain steadfast in our mission to make a positive difference globally. Our focus on decarbonising buildings and addressing fuel poverty is a testament to our commitment to creating a more sustainable and equitable world,” said Abhinav Jain, CEO of PowerMarket.

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PowerMarket is a B2B SaaS venture committed to helping companies decarbonise their buildings, reduce energy costs, and achieve energy independence. The company’s AI-driven end-to-end solar management platform transforms buildings into Clean Energy Assets, contributing to a more sustainable future. PowerMarket is backed by leading investors such as Techstars, QVentures, and Oxford University Innovation.

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