Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty, & Your EPC Answer

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Energy Efficiency, Fuel Poverty

There’s been lots of buzz about Social Housing, local councils, and our struggle for net-zero carbon.

From tenant fuel poverty to carbon emissions, there’s much for private associations and public councils to contend with. Just check the energy performance certificates (EPC) of their housing projects—ranked A-to-G for most to least efficient—and plenty rate too poorly to tolerate.

44% of social tenants live below EPC – C

So, parliament demands social homes achieve EPC-C or higher by 2030 (and private rentals by 2028). They’re also tightening commercial building standards with calls for EPC-C by 2027 (and EPC-B in 2030).

Penalties are £10,000 – £150,000 per Building

To dodge fines and upgrade by the deadline, property managers of each sector need better decarbonisation strategies. Lucky for them, new tech has this easier than ever!

Fuel Poverty Facts for Property Managers:

Social housing groups and council homes help many, but their lack of upkeep and inflated energy costs are compounding fuel poverty problems. Still, poor energy efficiency in social housing is only part of the issue.

In reality, private tenants also face fuel poverty, with the large majority of them in living energy inefficient properties. Nevertheless, their emissions are dwarfed by those of commercial properties.

Only 29% of Private Tenants live at EPC-C+ &

70% of All Building Emissions are Commercial

But it’s not all bleak. In fact, the future is quite bright for ESG-focused property managers, councils and social housing groups with the ambition to improve.

Simple jumps from EPC D-to-C save each household £400 in annual energy costs, while E-to-C saves £1000. Such upgrades don’t just aid tenants; commercial and residential owners also prosper.

Easier Energy Performance Solutions:

To fight fuel poverty, residential and commercial property managers must ensure spending goes where used best. This goes double for social housing groups and councils who face massive financial pressure.

Thankfully, the emergent tech has made property energy performance improvements easily available and wholly affordable!

EPC Projects in Action:

Solar scans and A.I. analyses already help plenty of property managers exceed their EPC-C expectations.

For instance: Our own PowerMarket satellite systems aid property managers across all sectors—residential and commercial, private and public—as they upgrade their entire building portfolios to meet parliament deadlines with time to spare.

Partners identify properties ripe for an upgrade with EPC analyses, then apply A.I. scans to set up solar sites and bring about fuel poverty relief as fast as technologically possible.

This rapid work is skyrocketing ESG managers’ work focusing on EPC ratings in the UK and beyond, and we’re eager to share their personal success stories in later newsletters.

Stay tuned for Solar! PowerMarket brings you key updates and emerging insights every month to optimise your energy and make solar simple.

PowerMarket is a B2B software-as-a-service, solar management platform. It uses satellite imagery and advanced AI to automate and digitalise:

  • Solar planning and feasibility analysis
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  • Solar monitoring and portfolio management

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