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One of PowerMarket’s Telco customers embarked on a process to analyze their mast site estate’s energy consumption and Solar suitability with the ambition to reduce costs (and their reliance on fossil fuel derived power) as well as reduce carbon impacts in line with their stated ESG policy aims.


It became obvious that this approach was time and labour intensive with the multiple software tools used simply painting a confused and disparate picture making fully informed planning and installation decision making difficult, and in some circumstances, impossible.


PowerMarket uses Satellite data and its proprietary deep learning/AI tech which automates solar strategy, analysis and planning processes, resulting in customers saving over 90% of their time and resources used when compared to being done manually.

Customers get detailed financial analysis of every site so they can identify the best RoI candidates to deploy for ‘Solar’ installation. Platform users can generate detailed energy and environmental impact reports as well as monitor performance management and operate fault fix procedures.

PowerMarket’s Solar life-cycle management platform was deployed by the Telco in July 2021 when their internal team began to analyse the initial cohort of selected mast sites.

Since that time many thousands of mast sites have been analysed with resultant planning reports on those with the suitable RoI profiles going on to the installation and monitoring stage.

Over time, thousands of sites have migrated over to the monitoring phase after successful installation project management, powered by the PowerMarket platform, where performance measurement data is analysed and hosted and where fault tickets are issued to enable maintenance and remedial fault fix scheduling.


The results have become an essential guide for our ongoing efforts in advancing clean energy initiatives, shaping our decisions and actions for a more sustainable future.

The telco’s lead project manager said: “As an engineer, the software tools I would typically use for solar are suitable for large scale, ground mounted solar projects. But the same software tools are not equipped for several small, distributed solar sites, and can end up taking hundreds, or even thousands of hours of work. Using the PowerMarket tool, we saved a considerable amount of work and resources, not to mention its interface is simple and intuitive, and I really appreciate their customer service.

They have submitted a sample 2000+ cohort from the existing 22,000 sites through the platform’s planning process, going on to establish a ‘per site’ potential RoI and carbon reduction impact with over 51,000 Tonnes of potential Carbon savings identified so far with lifetime power cost savings in excess of 50 million euros!


This case study proves the value add PowerMarket’s Solar life-cycle management solution delivers to Tier 1 Telecom operator prospects saving 1000’s of man hours and producing accurate data outputs for fully informed mission critical decision making. Telcos are estimated to spend $0.5 Trillion on electricity by 2025 and we project that PowerMarket can help identify $200 Billion in cost savings by using Solar as well as deliver significant carbon impacts to meet their ESG aims.

Solar Planning:

  • Satellite data and deep learning tech automates solar strategy analysis and planning
  • Saves customers over 90% of their time and resources
  • Customers get detailed financial analysis of every site so they can identify the best
  • Users can generate detailed energy and environmental impact reports

Solar Execution:

  • Standardised execution and management saving; 100s of man hours of work
  • Central repository for all solar related documents, data and communications, to prevent any insurance and warranty issues
  • Complete remote project management support from expert site engineers

Solar Maintenance:

  • Complete solar portfolio management on a single platform
  • Remotely connect solar sites without expensive, high-maintenance hardware
  • AI enabled predictive maintenance, fault detection and performance optimisation
  • Users can generate detailed live savings and environmental reports
Company Profile

PowerMarket is a B2B SaaS technology solution provider offering a global SaaS Platform for turn-key solar lifecycle management and is supported by the R&D departments of Oxford University and the European Space Agency.


John Graham – Head of Sales Tel: +44 (0) 7515 866644 Email

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