Committed To Making Clean Energy
 Simple & Accessible To Everyone.

PowerMarket envisions a future where solar is ‘democratized’ to empower everyone with access to the world’s best solar data and resources.

It’s no secret that scientific understanding and the conversation around clean energy has changed enormously in recent years. But one thing has remained the same: year after year, the demand for solar energy has continued to rise. And what’s even more astounding is that the price of electricity generated from solar is now lower than most fossil fuel sources. Forward-looking companies and local governments can easily see that solar is the future, yet there’s never been an easy and convenient solution to manage solar projects from site selection, through project management, and into ongoing asset management and monitoring. Why? We believe most companies would strive to lower their carbon emissions, save on energy costs, and aim towards a net zero future… If they had the resources. So we provide the platform that truly does it all, so you can dream BIG.

What Are Carbon Emissions?

Carbon Emissions, in short, refers to human causes of CO2. These can be cement production, deforestation, as well as burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. The overwhelming majority of scientists believe carbon emissions are the main cause of global climate change, a major point of concern for younger generations. Companies who adopt the reversal of climate change as a core mission make themselves more attractive to the forward-thinking majority of investors who value winning the hearts and minds of the next generation.

What Does “Net Zero” Mean?

It’s about balance. Imagine the Earth’s atmosphere as a sliding scale with one end being completely clean, breathable air and the other being the opposite. After decades of burning fossil fuels in conjunction with other natural carbon emissions, Earth’s scale has begun to tip frighteningly in the unclean direction. By making practical substitutions for fossil fuels that offer a neutral emission into the atmosphere, and balancing or “offsetting” your carbon emissions, you can reach the state known as “net zero.”

Let’s work together to create a future we can all feel good about.

At Power Market, we believe in creating simplified solutions for what so many business owners perceive as a complex and costly problem. No complicated logistics. No wasted resources. No switching between solar management platforms. Just the tools you need to ignite your next solar project with ease. That’s our promise.